SzegedTrip Corpus


The SzegedTrip corpus consists of travel blogs written in English, which contains manual annotation for opinions, besides, linguistic markers of the author's personality are also annotated. The author's personality and his/her opinions may correlate: for instance, his/her preference for a specific hotel in a quiet village may be related to his introvert personality and also, the owner of the hotel may identify what type of personality their guests have and hotel's facilities can be improved accordingly etc. In this way, the corpus can be exploited in both computational psychology and opinion mining.


  • The corpus in standalone format.


  • Veronika Vincze, Klára Hegedûs, Gábor Berend, Richárd Farkas: Telltale Trips: Personality Traits in Travel Blogs. In: Proceedings of Emotion and Sentiment Analysis. (2016)

For further information please contact Veronika Vincze (vinczev AT